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Project weeks


Put together your own individual programme week. Chose between athletic activities, excursions, museums, cultural events or the national park programme. The possibilities are excellent and diverse, the choice guarantees fun and variety for every age group. We have compiled a selection for you:



Outings / Attrections



Nationalpark programme



WildkogelAktiv programme



Krimmler Wasserfälle

Krimmler Wasserfälle

Experience Europe’s largest
waterfalls (380 m high)
Admission: adults € 2.50,
children € 0.50


Mittersill National Park Worlds


A unique alpine experience world
around Austria’s highest peaks Admission: adults € 8.50,
children € 4.00


Bramberg Museum

Museum Bramberg

Bramberg Museum’s offerings include the “Emerald and
Crystal” exhibit
Admission: adults € 5.00,
children € 3.00


Krimml Wonder World of Water

Wasserwunderwelt Krimml

with House of Water, Multivision
cinema and Aqua-Park – dive into
the fascinating world of water.
Admission: adults € 5.00,
children € 2.50

Hochfeld show mine

Schaubergwerk Hochfeld

An impressive tour through the
history of copper mining.
Admission: adults € 11.00,
children € 5.00


Großglockner High Alpine Road


The most famous alpine road leadsyou into the heart of the HoheTauern National Park
Admission: adults € 5.00,
children € 2.50 (bus)


Kristallbad Wald

Kristallbad Wald

Outside and inside area, 50 m
slides, children’s pool ... for
the perfect day’s swim
Admission: on request



Königsleiten opservatory

Sternwarte Königsleiten

Interesting facts and events
for all age groups
Admission: on request


Kaprun Tauern Power Plants

Tauernkraftwerke Kaprun

The reservoirs are situated
against the grandiose Hohe
Tauern mountain backdrops
Admission: adults € 18.00,
children € 11.00


Werfen Giant Ice World

 Eisriesenwelt Werfen

Visit the world’s largest ice
cave – a unique natural
spectacle of crags and ice!
Admission: adults €19.00,
children €9.50