Put together your individual weekly programme. Choose between sports activities, excursions, museums, cultural events or the national park programme. The possibilities are outstanding and varied, the selection guarantees fun and variety for every age group. We have put together a selection for you:

  • Krimmler Waterfalls

    Krimmler Wasserfälle
    Experience the largest waterfalls in Europe (380 m drop height)

    Exhibition mine Hochfeld

    Schaubergwerk Hochfeld
    The history of copper mining is impressively illustrated.

    WaterWorld Krimml

    WasserWelten Krimml
    with House of Water, Aquapark and Waterfall Centre - immerse yourself in the fascinating world of water.

    National Park Worlds Mittersill

    A unique alpine world of experience around Austria's highest peaks

    Bramberg Museum

    Museum Bramberg
    The Museum Bramberg houses the exhibition "Emeralds and Crystals".

    Grossglockner High Alpine Road

    The most famous Alpine road takes you to the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park

    Kristallbad Wald

    Kristallbad Wald
    Outdoor and indoor areas, 50m slide, children's pool... for the perfect bathing day

    Tauernkraftwerke Kaprun

    Tauernkraftwerke Kaprun
    The reservoirs lie amidst the magnificent high mountain scenery of the Hohe Tauern.

    Giant Ice World Werfen

    Eisriesenwelt Werfen
    Visit the largest ice cave in the world - a unique natural spectacle of rock and ice!
  • The National Park Administration Salzburg has made education, together with protection and research, its most important task. Young people are introduced back to nature. With years of experience and personal commitment, the National Park rangers accompany the young people on an expedition through the Hohe Tauern. Registration and more information about the programs below: Salzburg National Park Administration, Tel. +43 (0) 6562 / 40849, Fax: DW 40, E-Mail: nationalpark@salzburg.gv.at

    Glacier excursions

    Kalte Riesen
    Glacier trails lead directly into the world of ice - moraines, glacier sections and mills give an impression of the massive power of the ice.

    Wildlife watching

    Binoculars and telescopes are used to observe ibexes, golden eagles, marmots, chamois and much more without disturbing the animals in their habitat.

    Winter adventure

    Experience the winter away from the hustle and bustle of the skiers with snowshoes and discover the traces of the various animals.

    Alpine hikes

    Extensive alpine meadows, traditional fence forms, lovingly maintained alpine huts and much more show how mankind has shaped the landscape.

    High-altitude plants

    Alpine plants survive hard winters and dry summers. They have adapted to mountain conditions for millions of years.

    National park center

    In the national park worlds with the 360 degree panorama world ten stations are waiting to be explored (unique alpine experience world on 1800 m²)

    Stones & Minerals

    The rangers explain how the Alps were formed and how one can look back into the earth's historical past with the help of rock deposits.

    Overnight stay in a hut

    During the ascent to the hut, the special features of the animal and plant species are pointed out. The next day it may be possible to climb another summit.

    National park workshop

    Various modules ranging from "butter stirring" and "national park detectives" to the "world of taste" are offered.
  • The Wildkogel Arena offers the varied WildkogelAktiv programme. With a mix of hikes, accompanied excursions, action and relaxing leisure activities, young and old will get their money's worth. Below you will find an excerpt from the program. More information is available at: www.wildkogelaktiv.at. Registration at the Neukirchen Tourist Office, Tel. +43 (0) 6565 / 6256, e-mail: info@wildkogel-arena.at


    Every single sense, from smelling to hearing, tasting, feeling and seeing, is challenged and the surroundings rediscovered.

    Guided E-Bike Tour

    Cycling on the e-bikes in one of the beautiful Tauern valleys and enjoying the wonderful view.

    Guided tour of the Samplhaus

    Guided tour in the over 500 year old Samplhaus, one of the oldest houses in Bramberg

    Children's hike

    A special experience for the little guests. Completely without parents we start into an eventful day - hiking, raving, grilling sausages,...

    Emerald digging

    The "Smaragdexpress" takes you into the Habachtal. After a short walk, minerals, but above all emeralds, are sought and washed.

    Discover theme trails

    With the hiking guide you look into the "Tauernfenster" at the Geolehrweg or discover the Venedigerweg along the adventure stations.

    Downhill Scooter Tours

    Tours from Wildkogel to Bramberg with the downhill scooters - helmet and protectors are provided.

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